What does gg ng mean in betting?

Sports betting can bring good profits, but you can also lose your money here. Therefore, it is worth doing them deliberately, taking into account all risk factors, analyzing matches and drawing reasonable conclusions. But first, it is worth understanding the features of bets, their types and other points. One of the fairly popular betting options is the outcomes on goals, or rather, whether the teams will score or not. So let’s see what does gg ng mean in betting?

What are GG and NG bets?

To begin with, it is worth understanding the notation so that it is clear. We have two types of bets:

  1. GG – A bet that both teams will score.
  2. NG – at least one of the teams will not score.

This type of betting is not very popular, but is still quite actively used by individual specialists and professionals in the betting world. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what these bets are, how they work and what strategies are available.

What are the betting strategies?

Bets of this type are used by almost all bookmakers, and at the same time you can bet on several outcomes at once. In particular, the better can bet that a certain team will score a goal, or that none of the teams will be able to hit the goal at all.

Similarly, a bet is made on the fact that both teams will score. At the same time, many bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on certain periods of the match. For example, if we talk about football, then there are bets on possible goals in periods of 15 minutes, as well as in halves.

At the same time, several points should be taken into account:

  1. It is not recommended to bet on a team to score in the first 15 minutes. This happens quite rarely. Of course, the odds are large, but the chance of a successful outcome is extremely small.
  2. Similarly, it is better to refuse bets in the last 15 minutes, because here the odds are not so big, but the odds are also low.

As a result, it is best to bet on time intervals 16-30, 31-45, 45-60, 61-75. At the same time, some betting strategies that are used by professionals are additionally provided. About them in more detail below.

Flat betting

The first option is a game of catch-up. This strategy works quite simply:

  1. The better bets on one of the outcomes, for example, on a goal from 16 to 30 minutes in live.
  2. If the bet has not played, then a new one is made. The outcome is chosen 31-45, and the amount of the bet is doubled.

In the same way, you can continue to win back previous periods of time, which allows you to cover expenses. But here it is important to take into account the coefficients so as not to go into the negative, they must be more than 2. Or, the bet will not need to be doubled, but increased in proportion to the coefficients.

How to bet on goals correctly?

To begin with, it is worth choosing an event, for this you need to look at games in which the estimated chance of several goals is high enough. This can be understood if the bookmaker offers an over 2.5 bet with odds less than 1.7.

After that, we recommend that you open the statistics of the teams, and check how they played the previous matches. Here it is important to pay attention to the fact that the teams do not play past matches to zero.

Now we have to wait for the match to start. Make bets in Live mode, after the start of the match, wait until the first 15 minutes of the game have passed, watch the teams. then bet that one of the teams will score between 16 and 30 minutes.

In this case, the initial amount should be small, so that if you lose, you can make the next catch-up. If the bet did not play, then we make a similar one, only for the period 31-45. And in the same way further, on the rise.

Bets on the outcome “No one will score”

Another variant of this bet is “No one will score” or simply NN. This is a completely opposite outcome, and here, too, you need to correctly select matches and place bets. In particular:

  1. Selection of a match should be done based on the bookmaker’s predictions. In such matches, the odds for TO 2.5 must be more than 2.1.
  2. You can bet from 1 minute of the match throughout the first half, since the probability of a goal in it is minimal.

The only disadvantage of this option is the rather low odds in such matches in the first minutes, and the risk of losing money in the middle and end of the half with medium ones.

You need to play here with small bets, and make a lot of them, but in general, it is quite possible to consistently stay in the black.

What else to consider?

Professionals recommend considering other bets, for example, “To score 1 or less goals”, but this is rarely seen with bookmakers. In addition, you should not bet too much, and raise the deposit at times. Maximum, if the game is on, then raise up to 15% of the bank and no more.

Also, always remember that even with the lowest odds there is a chance to lose, which means that you need to not only blindly believe the bookmaker’s forecasts, but take into account all the features, analyze teams and carefully select suitable matches.